October 2020 Update

To my loyal & valued customers,

Welcome to the Northeast Sahara! Legendary low flows have beset our fly fishing universe. Are we being punished for some medieval acts of over indulgence or is this what we have to look forward to as our planet evolves?

Either way this sucks! I can literally walk across some parts of the Nissitissit River and not touch water! Am I living a nightmare? If I wake up will fish and water magically appear in unison?

It doesn’t look good for a fall stocking in our area rivers and I can only hope that the rain gods will bestow us some water before the MDFW decide to take the rivers’ allocation and put them in ponds, lakes, etc.

Stillwater fishing just ain’t my thing. What is my thing is looking for alternate places to fish while I wait for H2O replenishment. I have been scouring Vermont and New Hampshire lately in search of places to wet a line. Fortunately, I have discovered a handful of places to “bend my rod”.

I have also discovered some new books about Vermont and ordered some for sale at the shop. These books serve as very useful information during times like these. They are useful from several points of view and allow you to get away from the masses, catch fish in pristine environments and explore new waters. Come in to the shop to see the new line-up.

  • Massachusetts still has the Swift and Deerfield Rivers to explore.
  • Connecticut offers a gem in the form of the Farmington.
  • New Hampshire invites your participation with the Connecticut River in Pittsburgh, NH and the Saco River in North Conway.

All is not lost but it sure would be nice to be able to fish in our backyard.

There is still at least 4-6 weeks of prime time left. From the list above you should be able to carve out a day or two and get away from your desk, cubby, office, etc. I am willing to share any and all information I have gathered during my forays into the woods. Stop by, pick a destination from the list and I will aid you as much as I can to having a fun day(s) on the water. Lots of the flies you already own will work. As I’ve said for an eternity “It’s not the arrow — It’s the shooter!” The weather is perfect, the fish are on the hunt for a fall feeding to bulk up before the winter and work will be there when you return.

Fly tying season is upon us. The shop is stocked with materials of all kinds. New items are arriving weekly. Check your hooks, materials, threads and beads and beat a path to the shop to get ready for the winter tying. Classes may be on hold for the fall and I will keep everyone updated on class availability.

Thank you and see you on the water or at the shop.

Charlie Shadan

October Shop Specials

Because of the success of the Rod Promo in September for Temple Fork Rods, I am extending it for the month of October 2020.

  1. Buy any TFO Rod and get a $25.00 shop gift certificate to use for flies, leaders, tippet, etc.
  2. Buy any Ross Reel and get a $30.00 shop gift certificate for needed items. Come see the new line-up of reels.
  3. Buy any Thomas & Thomas Rod and get a free Mastry Fly Line from Scientific Anglers — an $80.00 value.
  4. Buy any rubber bag net from the store and get 1 dozen flies FREE.

(Not to be used with the annual shop rewards program)

October Fly Tying Materials Promotion

Includes vise, hooks, tools, feathers, threads, wire and tinsel, etc.

  1. Purchase at least $100.00 in tying materials and get a $20.00 gift certificate from the shop as a bonus. — Winter is coming!!
  2. Purchase $200.00 in tying materials and receive $40.00 as a gift certificate bonus from the shop.

Purchase a new rubber net from the shop and get 6 flies at no charge from the shop.

(Not to be used with the annual shop rewards program)

Internet Purchasing vs. ESFS Purchasing

When you take a look at the rewards program being offered and all the products I carry for your needs, it should become apparent that I’m trying to meet the needs of everyone in the fly fishing community.

Please look closely at the rewards program in conjunction with your purchase needs as I can confidently make the claim that with the rewards program the Evening Sun Fly Shop is the least expensive fly shop in America – Bar none!! There is no fly shop that I know or any conglomerate, mega box store that competes with my prices.

Internet PurchasingEvening Sun Purchasing
Can’t see or touch productSee, touch and feel before you buy
Often you pay for freight/shippingNo freight/shipping charges
No custom fitting on waders or boots, sunglasses or any item where sizing is criticalTry it on before you buy it. Sizing is critical to your purchase
Not usually a knowledgeable, trained person to talk to who has used the product(s)Well skilled, trained people to talk to and explain your needs
Minimal if at all rewards programA rewards program that yields up to 31% for your purchasing. Unheard of in the industry!!!

These are at least 5 reasons to consider calling, stopping in, or e-mailing the shop before you CLICK the mouse. You will help to support a local business that truly cares for you as a client and you will pay no more and always get FREE shipping to your door. Please try us out!!

ESFS Upcoming Events


All classes are on hold for now. If you have signed up for any of these events and want your money back – please don’t hesitate to contact me at the shop for a full refund. I plan on holding these classes as soon as we all feel safe enough to join in. I will keep everyone posted on future dates.

So you think you know everything?

The ESFS will be running every month interesting factoids…

Halloween, the spookiest night of the year, is celebrated in a number of countries on October 31, the eve of All Hallows’ Day. It is believed that on this day the spirits can wander the earth freely and children can hop for treats in the neighborhood in the guise of various costumes. Interestingly, in terms of expenditure, Halloween is second only to the Christmas.

Millers River maps

Finally in. Come and take a look at the latest & greatest map created by the shop for this river.

Squannacook and Nissitissit maps

Get your map of the local rivers – the Squannacook & Nissitissit that I created in the store. 700+ copies have already sold to date. These maps will make great gifts.

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