October 2018 Update

To my loyal & valued customers,

The incessant humidity and heat seem to be in our rearview mirrors. Cooler, crisp days and evenings are on our doorstep. These days are a fly fishermen’s’ dream!

The area rivers have been stocked with healthy 12-16″ rainbows and browns. Local ponds have also received their allotment of fall fish. This “cocktail” of fish and cooperating temps only needs you to complete the recipe.

The water levels are starting to recede nicely and the fall is shaping up to be a banner season. For the first time in 3-4 years, we have fall water in our streams.

Get your gear, tune it up if necessary and point your car in the direction of your favorite stream, river, pond, lake, etc. A day away from the office is worth 10 days of stress at your desk. Gone fishin’ is the order of the day.

You will be glad you “turned the tables” on your workload by spending a glorious day in full view of fall colors, rising trout and taking part in some healthy stress relief!

If you need new waders to keep you dry, a more comfortable pair of wading shoes or a new reel, rod or line then come to the Evening Sun Fly Shop and see the line-up of new products I have brought to the shop.

First class items, knowledgeable people to help fit and explain your items, and competitive pricing are the hallmarks of my fly shop. Pressure sales and false claims are “parked at the doorstep”.

Only helpful, honest service is supplied to you as a way of conducting my business.

Thank you & See you on the water,

Charlie Shadan

Three Rivers Stocking Annual Banquet

The Three Rivers Stocking Group will be holding their annual fundraising banquet on 9/10/18. Try to attend as there will be lots of great items for reasonable prices as well as a fine dinner that accompanies the festivities. Check out their website for details.

This group is responsible for stocking the Lamprey, Cocheco, Isinglas and Exeter Rivers in southeast NH. Their efforts allow us to fish these rivers during the fall and early winter. Please support their fundraising efforts by attending and having a fine meal as well as garnering some new items. This group deserves all of our support.

2018 Class Dates

Beginners Fly Tying Classes 
Classes will be beginning the end of October. If interested, please call or email the shop for details and to sign up.

Internet Purchasing vs. ESFS Purchasing

When you take a look at the rewards program being offered and all the products I carry for your needs, it should become apparent that I’m trying to meet the needs of everyone in the fly fishing community.

Please look closely at the rewards program in conjunction with your purchase needs as I can confidently make the claim that with the rewards program the Evening Sun Fly Shop is the least expensive fly shop in America – Bar none!! There is no fly shop that I know or any conglomerate, mega box store that competes with my prices.

Internet Purchasing Evening Sun Purchasing
Can’t see or touch product See, touch and feel before you buy
Often you pay for freight/shipping No freight/shipping charges
No custom fitting on waders or boots, sunglasses or any item where sizing is critical Try it on before you buy it. Sizing is critical to your purchase
Not usually a knowledgeable, trained person to talk to who has used the product(s) Well skilled, trained people to talk to and explain your needs
Minimal if at all rewards program A rewards program that yields up to 31% for your purchasing. Unheard of in the industry!!!

These are at least 5 reasons to consider calling, stopping in, or e-mailing the shop before you CLICK the mouse. You will help to support a local business that truly cares for you as a client and you will pay no more and always get FREE shipping to your door. Please try us out!!


The ESFS will be running every month interesting factoids…..

October ends on the same day of the week as February every year.

Millers River, Squannacook and Nissitissit River Maps

Get your map of the local rivers – Millers River, Squannacook & Nissitissit that Charlie created. 700+ copies have already sold to date. $9.95 each. They are in stock at the fly shop.

These maps make great gifts!

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