March 2020 Update

To my loyal & valued customers,

March is on our doorsteps. Winter stone flies are imminent and cold running water warms my heart. I recently made a trip to the Farmington River in Connecticut. The day was magical. Warm temps and some rising fish were enough to make me giddy! Some fish were caught but that wasn’t what the day was about as much as a winter respite and a look at what is to come our way. If you haven’t fished the Farmington River, go down and see what is arguably the best river in the Northeast. 

Happy Anniversary to the Evening Sun Fly Shop as I am about to start my 14th year here at the shop. It’s been a wonderful ride, one that wouldn’t have materialized without all your help. Thank you to everyone who has been part of my success.

The “Learn to Nymph Fish” class in May is almost full. Only 2 spots remain in the afternoon session. This class will set you on a course of understanding and engineer you for success as a nymph fisherman.

See you on the water — Fish Hard, Fish Deep, Fish Often.


Charlie Shadan

ESFS New Merchandise

Cortland New Nymph Series Fly Rods have arrived at the shop as well as the competition Fly Lines for the rods — Check out the lineup of new nymphing ideas when you visit.

Thomas & Thomas rods will be in mid-March. Built right here individually in Massachusetts! They are hand crafted to perfection. A great rod guarantee, quality workmanship, USA made and affordably priced. 

All Lamson Reels in the shop are going to be transitioned out the door to make room for new styles, colors and models of Lamson Reels. If you purchase any Lamson Reel from the shop, Remix, Guru, etc., you will receive a $60.00 gift certificate to be used at the shop to purchase any item of your choice. These are first class reels with guarantees! I’m just making room for new styles etc. There are salt water reels available in the mix. Don’t miss out on this sale as Lamson has a stellar reputation in the industry and are USA made! If you purchased a reel you could get as much as $60.00 off the price of your line and backing!

The shop is loaded with new waders from Redington, Korkers Boots and reels from Ross, 3Tand and Hardy & Lamson. Come see what “You can’t live without”.

ESFS 2020 Presentation – Sunday, March 8th

Mr. John Bunker will be presenting an in depth look at “Angling the Missouri and Madison Rivers” in Montana at the Evening Sun Fly Shop on March 8th from 12:00 – 1:30pm.

His presentation will include info on travel, logistics, lodging, flies and gear necessary to have a successful trip to these iconic rivers out west.

Please call or email the shop to sign up as seating will be very limited. Unless there is room, walk-ins will not be guaranteed a seat. A small donation of $2-$5 will be greatly appreciated to help John defer some of his costs.

ESFS 2020 Presentation – Sunday, March 15th

The Evening Sun Fly Shop is happy to announce that Mr. Scott Biron, a renowned Streamer Fly Tyer, will be conducting two classes on Sunday, March 15, 2020 from 9am – 1pm and then from 1pm – 5pm. Each class will be a 4 hour session on tying “fishing” streamers of the Carrie Stevens style. Scott is a featured tyer every year at the New Jersey and Marlboro Shows as well as the New Hampshire TU Show. He will supply the feathers and the shop will supply all the hooks and tinsel. The tuition will be a mere $75 per student and include some light snacks.

The first class is full. If you are interested, call or email the shop ASAP so that I can gauge extended interest. I already have 2 people interested in the second class. Don’t miss out on this chance to learn streamer techniques from a master tyer!!

Internet Purchasing vs. ESFS Purchasing

When you take a look at the rewards program being offered and all the products I carry for your needs, it should become apparent that I’m trying to meet the needs of everyone in the fly fishing community.

Please look closely at the rewards program in conjunction with your purchase needs as I can confidently make the claim that with the rewards program the Evening Sun Fly Shop is the least expensive fly shop in America – Bar none!! There is no fly shop that I know or any conglomerate, mega box store that competes with my prices.

Internet PurchasingEvening Sun Purchasing
Can’t see or touch productSee, touch and feel before you buy
Often you pay for freight/shippingNo freight/shipping charges
No custom fitting on waders or boots, sunglasses or any item where sizing is criticalTry it on before you buy it. Sizing is critical to your purchase
Not usually a knowledgeable, trained person to talk to who has used the product(s)Well skilled, trained people to talk to and explain your needs
Minimal if at all rewards programA rewards program that yields up to 31% for your purchasing. Unheard of in the industry!!!

These are at least 5 reasons to consider calling, stopping in, or e-mailing the shop before you CLICK the mouse. You will help to support a local business that truly cares for you as a client and you will pay no more and always get FREE shipping to your door. Please try us out!!

Upcoming Events

  • John Bunker Presentation Sunday, March 8th 12pm – 1:30pm
  • Scott Biron Presentation Sunday, March 15th 9am – 1pm SOLD OUT
  • Scott Biron Presentation Sunday, March 15th 1pm – 5pm JUST ADDED
  • Learn to Nymph Fish Class Sunday, May 3rd Session 1: SOLD OUT
  • Learn to Nymph Fish Class Sunday, May 3rd Session 2: 1 pm-5 pm
    2 spots left

So you think you know everything?

The ESFS will be running every month interesting factoids…

There are 10,000 three leaf clovers for every one four leaf clover.

Millers River maps

Finally in. Come and take a look at the latest & greatest map created by the shop for this river.

Squannacook and Nissitissit maps

Get your map of the local rivers – the Squannacook & Nissitissit that I created in the store. 700+ copies have already sold to date. These maps will make great gifts.

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