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October 4 , 2015

October's Note from Charlie

September is in the "books" as we look forward to a wet October for our area rivers. We need rain!! We are still planning a fall stocking for our rivers - the Nissitissit and the Squannacook. I will send out a notice for volunteers to help with the stocking and hopefully we can get some folks with flexible schedules to help spread out the fish. Bring along a young 9-15 year old to help if you desire.

The Miller Turner dam along the Nissitissit River is in the process of being breached and removed. The destruction started on Monday 9/28/15 and will continue for at least a couple of weeks. This is a historic time on the river. Feel free to stop by the Route 111 site and watch as the improvement takes place. The dam removal is expected to help with all species of fish, mussels, wildlife, etc. that inhabit the river to move more easily up and down the river. Everyone is looking forward to its completion.

I am just back from a 4 day fishing trip to mid-Maine with a group of 6 men. Everyone caught fish, the food was "over the top", the alcohol was "gentry like", the music was inspiring and the accommodations were superb. Maine has so much to offer in the way of fly fishing and I'm glad that I make it an annual pilgrimage before the season closes for the most part on Sept. 30th. A Maine trip should be on your bucket list!! The Brook Trout and salmon were in fall colors and a treat to behold and release. If Maine is in your sights for next year - come see me for free advice and help.

Get out in the water before you know it, you'll be walking on it!!


Charlie Shadan

Evening Sun Fly Shop

Biggest Bang for Your Buck!

If you think buying from the mega fly fishing stores will get you better pricing, compare our prices on all products. Charlie did an analysis and found his prices were much better across the board.

Don't be fooled by the megastore image. Their overhead is enormous and someone has to pay for that! In addition, you get to see, touch, and feel the products at Evening Sun before you buy. The big bonus is there are no shipping charges.

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All types of rain jackets are available at the shop ranging from packable to warmth. Come in to see the huge selection for your fall fishing needs.

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HUGE Estate Sale!

Saturday, October 10 and Sunday October 11 starting at 9 am.  Thousands of fly fishing items at amazing prices!  Fly lines, fly tying equipment, waders, rods, flies, you name it. Charlie recently acquired the inventory of a retiring fly fisher who accumulated quite the collection of fly fishing equipment over the years.  Come down to the shop to check it out.  You are going to find some amazing deals!