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July 6, 2015

July's Note from Charlie

What a season so far! Beautiful weather, cloudless days, humidity free and bountiful fish in the rivers. What more could we ask for? The area rivers received a 3rd stocking of large rainbows right after they were stocked with a healthy dose of fair to large Brook Trout. The MDFW has treated our area rivers very well this year. If you are a person that is waiting to "wet a line" this year, now is the time. The water conditions, temps and number of fish should beckon you to the water right away! Call or come in to the shop for details on where to fish on the Nissitissit or Squannacook.

I am looking to put a trip together for 4 people to fish in Maine at the end of September. Fishing will take place on the Androscoggin River and the Magalloway and the Kennebago rivers in Maine. If you are interested, please call the shop for details ASAP.


Charlie Shadan

Evening Sun Fly Shop

Biggest Bang for Your Buck!

If you think buying from the mega fly fishing stores will get you better pricing, compare our prices on all products. Charlie did an analysis and found his prices were much better across the board.

Don't be fooled by the megastore image. Their overhead is enormous and someone has to pay for that! In addition, you get to see, touch, and feel the products at Evening Sun before you buy. The big bonus is there are no shipping charges.

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Merchandise Updates

Chest packs, fanny packs and sling packs are fast becoming a popular item. Stop in and see the selection at the shop if you want to minimalize your belongings and reduce for the warmer days.

I have the largest selection of Korkers wading boots of any shop around. Come try on the most comfortable wading shoe on the market. These boots with interchangeable soles allow you to fish any water and provide superior traction on uneven substrates.

If a rain jacket is something you have been thinking about then the Evening Sun Fly Shop is the place to go. I have over 10 styles from packable to full wear and warmth. Don't allow yourself to get caught in a rainstorm or be stopped from fishing in the mist or rain.

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June 5
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I’m Going Fishing - Store Closure

I will be in Colorado from Saturday, July 18th thru Saturday, July 25th. The shop will be CLOSED during this week. I will re-open on Sunday, July 26th at 9am with hopefully great stories of our week to share. I will be away on a much needed fishing trip.