Aug 2018 Update

August 2018 Update

To my loyal & valued customers,

Muggy, muggy, muggy is the word for July 2018. The electric companies are liking it a lot! The dog days of August are upon us and the hope is that the rains will persist throughout the month.
The Nissitissit and Squannacook have seen a slight spike in water conditions and flows. If you are going to fish these rivers get the trout in quick and release without any pics. We don’t want to stress these fish out and lead to any fatalities. These fish will be available in the fall for our fishing pleasure.
At the end of September or the first week of October, the state of Massachusetts will do a final stocking so that we can fish thru the fall months.
Speaking of fishing, the Connecticut River up in Pittsburgh, NH. is yielding some incredible browns below Murphy Dam. I saw a 25-26″ brown that was caught last week.
I fished up there for 2 days with a friend and we netted the “grand slam”- Browns, Brookies, rainbows, salmon. Good trip, good food, good company and stellar fishing!
Have you seen the selection of waders, Korkers Boots, new reels and new rods that the shop has been stockpiling? Come in and browse and maybe take home a “life-changing” new piece of equipment.
The shop has a fine selection of new rain jackets, sunglasses, sun hats and sun gloves as well. How about a new Fly Line?
Looking for a place to fish during August? Call or email the shop for suggestions on where you can go for a true stress reduction day.
Work will be there when you get back. Pack a lunch, grab those waders and boots and head out to the Swift River for a treat. The river is loaded with large rainbows and all size brookies.
Go Get “Em. It is our local OASIS!
Thank you & See you on the water,
Charlie Shadan

2018 Class Dates

Check out the classes coming from the shop later this year-
Beginners Fly Fishing School
1) Sunday, October 7th – 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. Cost is $249
This will make a great gift for your child or spouse if you already are an accomplished angler.
The shop is always trying to keep up with the pulse of what is happening across the state. Feel free to ask questions, check out the local maps and seek out any info from us that will help you get better at your craft.
Aug 2018 Update

Internet Purchasing vs. ESFS Purchasing

When you take a look at the rewards program being offered and all the products I carry for your needs, it should become apparent that I’m trying to meet the needs of everyone in the fly fishing community.

Please look closely at the rewards program in conjunction with your purchase needs as I can confidently make the claim that with the rewards program the Evening Sun Fly Shop is the least expensive fly shop in America – Bar none!! There is no fly shop that I know or any conglomerate, mega box store that competes with my prices.

Internet Purchasing Evening Sun Purchasing
Can’t see or touch product See, touch and feel before you buy
Often you pay for freight/shipping No freight/shipping charges
No custom fitting on waders or boots, sunglasses or any item where sizing is critical Try it on before you buy it. Sizing is critical to your purchase
Not usually a knowledgeable, trained person to talk to who has used the product(s) Well skilled, trained people to talk to and explain your needs
Minimal if at all rewards program A rewards program that yields up to 31% for your purchasing. Unheard of in the industry!!!

These are at least 5 reasons to consider calling, stopping in, or e-mailing the shop before you CLICK the mouse. You will help to support a local business that truly cares for you as a client and you will pay no more and always get FREE shipping to your door. Please try us out!!


The ESFS will be running every month interesting factoids…..

August 15, 1911 – Proctor & Gamble Company introduced Crisco vegetable shortening.

Lost Rod

A shop client fell in the Sqannacook River about 1 1/2 weeks ago and lost his rod, reel, and line in the swift current. He lost the items below the Cable Pool on the Squannacook River in the Peter Bertozzi section. He fell about 20-30 yards below where the cable crosses the river. If you find the items, please bring them to the shop and I will reunite them with their rightful owner. As the water recedes, they may become more visible.

Millers River, Squannacook and Nissitissit River Maps

Get your map of the local rivers – Millers River, Squannacook & Nissitissit that Charlie created. 700+ copies have already sold to date. $9.95 each. They are in stock at the fly shop.

These maps make great gifts!

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