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October 2, 2016

October’s Note from Charlie

Boy someone turned off the faucet of precipitation from June through September. Things have gotten so bad water wise that the Massachusetts Division of Fish & Game has reluctantly told me that we will not be stocking the rivers scheduled for fall stocking in these parts. This means that for the first time in my eleven years here at the shop we will not participate in a fall stocking. The ponds will still receive their allocations and possibly more than expected. If we somehow receive a substantial slug of rain in early October there is a chance we MIGHT STOCK the Nissitissit and Squannacook Rivers. Keep your fingers crossed and pray for a monsoon!! We sure need it. I'm surprised I haven't heard of more tales of woe about peoples' wells drying up this year. Maybe all the watering precautions put into effect helped the cause and prevented some measure of disaster for some folks. I sure hope so for everyone.

Just back from fishing trips to Colorado and Maine. Both trips had high-lights and low-lights. Overall both trips had more redemptive qualities than going to work. Something about fly fishing that is so soothing, comforting and refreshing. My life is like a roll of toilet paper - the closer I get to the end, the faster it is going. Every month is like a week! The acceleration of time is rearing its ugly head! I don't know about you, but I intend to spend as much time as I can enjoying mother nature's colors, its sound of water against the rocks, the beauty of the fish's colors and all the therapy that they provide to me. Get on board as I'm sure you'll enjoy the ride. Work is so overrated.

The beginners fly tying classes will commence at the end of October. If you have signed up, expect a call real soon. If you want to learn to tie flies, the beginners class is a good place to start.

Thank you for all your friendships and patronage and I'm surely hope to see you on the water - if we finally get any. Don't forget to venture out to the Swift and Deerfield rivers as they are both still viable choices to enjoy a day on the water. New Hampshire is open until October 15th.

Regards and Thank you,

Charlie Shadan

Biggest Bang for Your Buck!

If you think buying from the mega fly fishing stores will get you better pricing, compare our prices on all products. Charlie did an analysis and found his prices were much better across the board.

Don't be fooled by the megastore image. Their overhead is enormous and someone has to pay for that! In addition, you get to see, touch, and feel the products at Evening Sun before you buy. The big bonus is there are no shipping charges.

You Don’t Need a
Tee Time to Fish!

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2016 Rewards Program

Client Referral Program

Announcing a new client referral program at the Evening Sun Fly Shop

Details: Refer a new client to the ESFS and:

Please be sure to tell them to use your name at the time of their purchase - or no certificate will be issued.

Felt-Soled Wader Ban is Repealed in Vermont. Rock snot no longer thought invasive exotic.

Fly Fishing School Postponed to October 16 -
no spots left!

Beginner Fly Tying Classes Start End of October.  
Call the Shop
for Details.

Fly Fishing Fair  October 29

Internet vs ESFS Purchasing

Internet Purchasing

Evening Sun Purchasing

  • Can't see or touch product
  • Often you pay for freight/shipping
  • No custom fitting on waders or boots, sunglasses or any item where sizing is critical
  • Not usually a knowledgeable, trained person to talk to who has used the product(s)
  • Minimal if at all rewards program
  • See, touch and feel before you buy
  • No freight/shipping charges
  • Try it on before you buy it. Sizing is critical to your purchase
  • Well skilled, trained people to talk to and explain your needs
  • A rewards program that yields up to 31% for your purchasing. Unheard of in the industry!!!

These are at least 5 reasons to consider calling, stopping in, or e-mailing the shop before you CLICK the mouse. You will help to support a local business that truly cares for you as a client and you will pay no more and always get FREE shipping to your door. Please try us out!!