March 2020 Update

To my loyal and valued customers,

Conventional wisdom and medical advice together are recommending social 
distancing, frequent hand washing, and effective cleaning procedures as viable ways of leveling the spread of COVID-19. All are necessary and imperative at this time. This is a period where we are questioning our leaders, evaluating our procedures and trying to protect our loved ones. It’s also a time where we are evaluating what to do ourselves to possibly help our physical and mental approach towards dealing with this pandemic.

As far as I know, trout don’t have the virus, nor does a relaxing walk in your neighborhood lead to the virus. Folks with “found free time” on your hands might want to consider a visit to your nearby trout stream for a few hours to help dissipate some of your anxiety and frustration toward our current state of affairs. It doesn’t cost to go for a walk, except for the the cost of your license, fishing is free other than the small cost of gas! I’m in no way minimizing the evil effects of COVID-19, let’s be clear about that!

I’m offering my broad scope of geographic fishing knowledge to everyone who would like to share in it. Having fly fished in this area for almost 55 years, I can offer some guidance of where to go for some really good quality time in the woods and away from THE MEDIA. Please feel free to  call or e-mail the shop about places to go to look for fish. Remember it’s not about the fish; it’s all about the therapy of a day away. FISH ARE THE BONUS. Ride to a new river, walk the banks of an old haunt or do both. This will set you up for today if you decide to fish or it will prepare you for a future visit to a new piece of water.

We will get through this together and I want everyone to know that you can rely on me for help during these trying times. I want to help, and as your local fly shop I feel it is my duty to give back to everyone who has helped to make the fly shop a successful venture.

Please evaluate your time and portion some of it to the outdoors. Take your kids with you and explore along with them. We still have our pristine lands and our passion for fly fishing to fall back on in a small way while we navigate our way through these difficult times. Fly fishing offers so much more than hooking fish. Each one of us can extract some of those aspects as we deal with this unprecedented set of events.

I wish good health to you and your loved ones and friends and implore you to allow me to recommend a day’s respite on a river or stream somewhere nearby. I promise I will share some of my secret spots with you. FISHERMEN DON’T LIE.

As of now, unless otherwise directed, the shop will remain open during its normal hours to field your questions and e-mails. Hand sanitizer will be available if you choose to visit.

Stay healthy and thank you,

Charlie Shadan

Charlie has created an above and below water perspective of the Nissitissit and Squannacook Rivers called “You Don’t Need a Tee Time to Fish.” $19.95 each Watch the 2:51 trailer!

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Charlie has been teaching fly tying and fly casting for over 40 years. His willingness to reveal the joys of fly fishing and his ability to easily and simply pass on the techniques of the sport makes …

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